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Managing My Life: Career Choices Made Easy

As a School Board or a Community College, are you looking for good-quality, user-friendly and cost effective career planning solutions for your students?
If you answered "yes" to the above question, then you may want to consider offering students, Managing My Life: Career Choices Made Easy.

Managing My Life: Career Choices Made Easy is a professional, user-friendly, self-study career planning program, which is especially helpful to young people who are completing the last two or three years of their secondary education or the first two years of college in a a community college setting, and are now making a decision about their future post-secondary studies. The program will also be useful to young people who have completed their secondary education and are contemplating a change in their post-secondary studies but are still not sure of their career direction.

Managing My Life: Career Choices Made Easy includes the following 5 sections:
1. Introduction.
2. Knowing Myself: My Strengths and Abilities.
3. Career Goal-Setting: Making the Right Choice.
4. Researching Career Options: Using My Network of Contacts.

My Student Profile and Resume: Presenting Myself at My Best.

What Is Included In The Program
Managing My Life: Career Choices Made Easy Includes:
1. Comprehensive self-study workbooks which you will receive by mail at a central location or which can be sent if your prefer, directly to specific individual students.
2. A guide for implementing the program in your educational institution.
3. The possibility of customizing the program materials to meet specific needs you may have.
4. The availability of one-on-one coaching services or web-cast programs, to Teachers and Guidance Counselors who are using the programs with their students.
Benefits For Your School Board
Extremely, cost-effective and user-friendly way to help students learn career planning techniques and research their career options.
Leads counselors and teachers to use their limited time more effectively by focusing on the counseling side of the career planning process with their students, instead of spending most of their time teaching students the actual techniques of career planning.
Requires very little administrative time, to deliver the program. The only requirement is to arrange e-mailing of announcements, as well as occasional reminder messages.
The guide for the Teachers and the Guidance Counselors will be very helpful in ensuring that the program is used effectively.
The possibility of providing external support in the implementation of the program by retaining Professional Coaches and Trainers from our network of Licensed Professionals, to deliver-one-on-one coaching sessions, teleclasses, web-cast programs, and/or on-site workshops, around the materials to Teachers and Guidance Counselors.
The possibility of customizing the program materials to meet your specific needs.
Benefits For Students
Extremely time and cost effective process to help students:
Identify their strengths
Recognize their accomplishments and motivators.
Understand their transferable skills.
Identify a number of career options to consider and learn how to research these careers.
Learn techniques to help them narrow their options to the ones that best meet their individual needs.
Set specific career goals.
Prepare their personal profiles and resumes.
Apply more effectively to the post-secondary institution of their choice.
Take full responsibility and consequently make better informed career planning decisions.

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